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Yahoo Comment Translation

T= Tora ; Sh=Shou ; Sa=Saga ; H=Hiroto ; N=Nao

T: To all those watching this Yahoo! Video, this is
All: Alice Nine!
T: Let’s introduce ourselves just in case.
Sh: yes, this is the vocal, Shou.
H: this is the guitar, Hiroto.
T: this is the guitar, Tora.
Sa: this is the bass, Saga.
N: this is the drum, Nao.
T: So, on 11/28, Alice Nine’s new second album, “Alpha”
Sh: will come out!
T: Yes. So it will come out. Yes, it seems like it’s going to come out, but this album, you know… it’s such a good album. What do you think, Nao san?
N: I felt like I’ve been waiting for it!
T: ah you’ve been waiting for it.
N: yes it’s an album where I felt like I had been waiting for this sound the whole time.
Sh: how cool
T: yes. Well then, Hiroto kun.
H: so cool
T: yes, very cool
H: it’s totally rockin’
T: yes it’s very rock. Well then, Saga kun.
Sa: oh man, oh man. This is so good. It’s so good, that I made my dog’s name Alpha.
T: you can just randomly change it like that?
Sa: I changed it.
T: so it’s Alpha-chan.
Sa: I did a name change.
T: yes, so it’s such a good album that a dog’s name can change from it. But you know, I’m sure the people watching can’t understand what’s going on at all. But anyway, as a whole it has a very strong rock feel and well, Alice Nine is visual kei, but this kind of shows that we’re actually doing rock too.
Sh: yes.
T: yes, so that kind of album was made, and there are also couple songs that came out as singles in there too. But the other songs are really good songs too
Sh: yes, that’s true.
T: yes, that’s what we think, so please check it. So anyways, ready
All: this was Alice Nine.

Credit to momotee @ lj