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Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ Translation

Rank In

Announcer: And this week's Oricon Ranking is as you can see it on the
screen. This week we will take a look at the group in 6th spot: Alice

Hama-chan: Here's Alice 9 for the first time!!

Ma-chan: Waa...Alice 9...sounds like the name of a Love Hotel!!

Announcer: Alice 9. In 2004 the leader, Nao, started the band and the 5 of them are a 'visual' type of band. Their style of songs doesn't conform to any specific genre and their performances are very colorful. This year they completed with great success 2 nationwide tours and these guys placed at #6 on this week's Oricon chart and are here for the first time on Hey!Hey!Hey! tonight!!

Hama-chan: What's your name?

Nao: I'm the drummer, Nao. Nice to meet you!

Tora: I'm the guitarist, Tora. Nice to meet you!

Shou: I'm the vocalist, Shou. Nice to meet you!

Hiroto: I'm the guitarist, Hiroto. Nice to meet you!

Saga: I'm the bass guitarist, Saga. Nice to meet you!

Hama-chan: Have you guys been friends for a long time?

Nao: Ah, well we were each performing on the same scene (means they were performing in bands)

Ma-chan: Why are you speaking like some office worker?!

***Hama-chan whacks Nao on the head and Nao makes a face***

Ma-chan:...Even though he's dressed like that he's speaking like a

***Hama-chan imitates Nao's way of speaking and teases him***

Nao: I was at a loss as to what to do with my life and then I met Saga over there who was not getting anywhere with his current band and seemed like he was going to quit...

Hama-chan: Hey! don't be so rude! (whacks Nao on the head again)

Ma-chan: Ah, you thought you weren't so important (to that band)

Saga: Yeah.

Nao:..and also at that time, we had a chat with Shou and Tora and talked about giving it a go and we united and talked about making a band...

Ma-chan: Ummm, excuse me...is it ok to include him to (points at Hiroto.) Your story up until now hasn't included him!

Nao: And the 4 of us went to a live and saw him (Hiroto) and thought he was a good guitarist...

Hama-chan: Ah! He was in a different band!

Ma-chan: Is that right?!

Nao:...and we all went to a ramen shop and discussed making a band.

Ma-chan: I thought these kinds of things were discussed over coffee or something...

Announcer: After the break...Why is Hama-chan doing this?? (scene of Hama-chan kicking Nao)

Hama-chan: (To Nao) Are you the leader?

Nao: Yes, that's right.

Hama-chan: Nao the 'Akiba Leader'...what does that mean?

Nao: Well I really like Akihabara. Rather than eating 3 times a day I would rather go to Akihabara 4 times a week...

Hama-chan: (whacks him on the arm). Answer the questions properly!!

Nao: Truly...even just walking there I become excited...

Ma-chan: Well, for me, I think I've been excited about 2 times in the past...

Nao: Yep so I really love Akihabara. The meaning of 'Akiba': 'A' comes from 'aisaretai' (want to be loved). 'Ki' comes from 'kibou' (hope). 'Ba' comes from 'bakansu' (vacation)

Hama-chan: You idiot (kicks Nao)

Announcer: Therefore, lets check out their 10th single 'TSUBASA'
***TSUBASA clip plays***

Credit to shoua9 @ lj