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CD Data Comment translation

T= Tora ; Sh=Shou ; Sa=Saga ; H=Hiroto ; N=Nao

H: To those people watching CD Data.com, ready!
All: this is Alice Nine.
H: So, this is Alice Nine.
Sh: yes it is.
H: so in about 2 weeks, Alice Nine’s second Full album, Alpha will go on sale.
H: well, well.
Sh: yes.
H: well, well Shou san.
Sh: yes.
H: how is this album?
Sh: it’s very nice.
H: what?
Sh: Well you know, starting from the first song called “Zero”, this is an album where all our feelings of starting all over again and getting riled up is crammed inside, so it’s very cool. Please listen to it.
H: It’s cool starting from the very first lyrics. Well then, what about you Saga kun, who wrote those first lyrics?
Sa: Ahahaha! It’s very nice.
Sh: what’s nice?
H: what, what’s nice?
Sa: Well that is…very nice.
H: Well then, I guess that’s that, so what about Tora san? How’s the guitar? Although I’m guitar too.
T: the guitar…
T: very good. (in English)
H: very good?
T: I don’t care.
H: well, if you translate that, he is completely staying away from it this time. Is that right?
T: Yeah, since it’s good as a whole.
H: as a whole. Well then, what about Nao san, who’s pulling together that whole?
N: it’s very good.
-Nao singing “Number six”-
H: well so, with this second album, Alpha, we will have a nation-wide live-house tour starting next year January.
Sh: yay!
H: and, nation-wide it is standing. So there is no doubt that this will become a very heated thing.
Sh: yes, and we meant to make an album like that too.
H: yes.
Sh: so we would like to really get heated and riled up in the live houses.
H: since it’s Alpha.
Sh: with Alpha.
H: Alpha to U.
Sh: to U
H: Start the beginning with everyone
Sh: is the title.
H: yes, and we will just do a lot.
Sh: do what?
H: Lives!
Sh: ah yes we will.
H: Yeah, we’d like everyone to come to the tour, and really feel Alpha with their skin and start from one, or from zero and create things again with all of us together. Right.
Sh: yes.
H: Is there anything else to say?
N: I have something! I have something.
Sh: go ahead.
N: Number Six.
Sa: it’s crazy. (he says “yabee na”)
H: is it really ok now?
Sh: haha it’s not over yet!
T: Lastly,
Sh: yes.
T: the perfect example
Sh: perfect example
T: Saga kun
Sh: Saga kun
-Saga comes up to screen-
Sa: The End
T: well then. All we have to say is please support us. So, please conclude this for us.
H: Well then, from now on, this year and also next year, Alice Nine will keep running forward very powerfully, so everyone, please come follow us! Ready!
All: this was Alice Nine!

Credit to momotee @ lj